Winter finally hit

I really did not think we would get a real winter this year! Although its still not a normal Utah winter, we did manage to get some snow to stick in the valley for a moment. The animals all hang out in the goat shack during the day when its snowing really good, Ollie and Timber only come running when its feeding time.

luckily I have a water heater my youngest twin bought me for Christmas so I don’t have to break ice a few times a day, like last year! Unfortunately because Ollie is a stinker I have to toss their hay on the ground.. they waste a lot but its what I have to do for now

until I can fix their feeder and keep Ollie from re-injuring himself.

The chickens go out and forage pretty much all day. I toss out treats in the mornings and evenings. If I don’t they remind me, by standing near the kitchen window and clucking out their chicken noise loud!

I am thankful especially on snowy days that most the chickens go to their coop to lay their eggs, unlike one of them that chooses to lay them all over the yard, so its a scavenger hunt when I feel like looking!

I am just patiently waiting for spring so I can get my garden boxes going. Whose else is excited for planting season?!!

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