The Coop

In the beginning, deciding what we wanted our feathered babies to live in, was a little bit of a struggle. We were on a race to get something in place because they were out growing the bin we were keeping them in at night… plus the garage was starting to reek!

I knew I wanted a coop that looked similar to a barn and big enough to hold several chickens. (If this was my forever home I would have built a mini chicken house barn that I could walk into).

I didn’t have a very big budget for the coop and the ones in the stores were too small and expensive for what I wanted or needed. So we searched the classifieds to find something used and reasonably priced. We even tried entering a chicken coop contest to win one lol. No we didn’t end up winning but we ended up coming up with something much much better.

we decided to build our own that would work for our space and needs at this home. We built it into our fence so we could gather eggs on the outside of the animal pen. We figured it would be quicker and easier to gather eggs!

My son in-law is pretty handy and modified some plans to work for what we wanted.

The chickens immediately knew it was home! We had no troubles getting them in at night.

We keep their water and feeder inside the coop other wise its like crack to the goats… seriously they go bonkers for it!

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