Teenage goat’tude

In to mischief…Ollie has been like a teenager with an attitude the last few months! He’s getting into anything and everything he can possibly come up with!

A few months ago I had broke the lock on the chicken coop so I’ve been using a wood pallet to hold the door closed, until I could get it fixed. Well Ollie figured out how to knock the wood pallet over. which leaves the coop door loose so the wind can blow all the shavings around and out the door.

So its turned into a game of I go out and prop it back up and he goes over and knocks it down and then stands on it looking into the kitchen window, as if to say now what?! He stands up on it like he’s the king of the castle.

Then Last week he realized that if he pushes the wood pallet over he can now open the door on the coop and pop his head on in and eat all the chicken food!

So to prevent him from getting to the food I had to move it further back in the coop until I can get a proper lock installed on the coop.

I had to wrap a cord around the coop and he’s already trying to figure out how to remove it!

Then there’s my favorite new challenge he’s given me, he has destroyed his feeder over and over I go out fix it thinking okay this time no way he can ruin it but nope he tears it apart the last two times to the point that he’s injured his ear. He seemed un-phased by the cut and blood each time, but this time he cut his ear really good.

I was worried about the cold and him getting frostbite on it, or an infection. I tried to clean it the best he would let me.

I have been using colloidal silver to help his ear from getting a infection. It has been found that colloidal silver can help aid in the treatment of skin injuries and clearing infections. I’ve been spraying his ear once in the morning the last week and a half. aside from an ugly scar its healed just fine.

So for now I am tossing their food on the ground, which I don’t like to do because they waste so much of it, just until I can get the feeder fixed with stronger paneling.

And as of lately he’s some how been able escape the animal pen and ravage the yard.. He knows he’s in trouble every time I have caught him.. he galops around like “oh hey… what’s up I know this looks suspicious but I can explain…”

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