Sweet wild crafted Honey

One of the reasons I was inspired into beekeeping was obviously to harvest a little honey each year for my family. Even tho I am allergic and terrified of bees, it was something I wanted to do with my son as a fun hobby together. In the spring, of 2015 I bought everything for our first hive and we began the process! A short time after, I lost my son in October 2015. As you can imagine I was devastated, I let everything go, my gardens, the yard, and eventually the bees swarmed and left.

Our first hive 2015

I slowly found the inspiration in 2019 when living in Bear Lake ID to try again. Luckily, I had all the hives and equipment from my previous bee keeping. I moved back to SLC in December 2019 during that process I lost the hive due to bad weather and frost. That following spring of 2020 I invested in a swarm from someone local. I pulled the hives back out, cleaned them up, painted them and put the bees in their new home.

Bees carrying pollen back to hive 2020

I was not able to get into my hive much as I would have liked to check on things this summer, due to surgery on my right arm making it so I couldn’t lift over 2 pounds (doctors orders). Then a car accident a month later that left me with a fractured rib and punctured lung.. So my brother came to help me with my hive this last Sunday to see how they were doing. Unfortunately they just didn’t have enough food stored for winter let alone taking any for my family to eat. I added an external feeder to help them out before the snow falls this winter.

External feeder with sugar water I purchased from a local supplier

Once the snow hits I will start adding candy boards, (I will add the candy board recipe below) and hopefully it will get them through winter. I will not be taking any honey this fall, because my bees had a late start.

A small piece of honeycomb that broke off while we were in the hive

This is the recipe I plan on using. I have never done this before and will do a whole blog post on my thoughts when I make this. I liked this recipe for the fact that it’s no cooking required.

The Bee Candy Recipe 

  • 15-16 lb. of sugar*
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 tbsp. plain white vinegar (optional)
  • 1 Pollen patty (optional)

First, weight out 16 pounds of sugar and put it into in a very large canning pot.

Next, add the vinegar to the water pour the water in a little at a time, stopping occasionally to make sure it is all mixed into the sugar.

Next, line the wire mesh with paper and then start piling the sugar on before you can fill it all in an area near the front of the board below the entrance needs to be blocked out to prevent it from filling up with the sugar. this way the bees will have a way to get in and out of the board.

Make sure to level off using a wooden spoon or ruler and let the candy board dry.

 Viola! Now I had a candy board waiting to dry for around 24 hours. Once completely dry you can add to hive.

Link to candyboard

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