Its been an odd winter

It’s been a bit since I have sat down and worked on my blog! partly lack of inspiration and partly busy with the animals, holidays and work.
I prepped the animal housing, garden beds and bees at the end of October thinking it would be only a matter of days before everything was covered in a thick blanket of white cold stuff.

Well Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came and went with hardly a sprinkle of snow! It wasn’t until this last week we actually got anything to barely stick let alone to talk about, but one thing for sure it has been cold…somedays down right freezing with a splash of spring like afternoons in the mix.

Timber licking the salt rock without having to step too far into the cold

Unless Timber is hungry he spends his days hiding in the goat shack, with an occasional popping his head out to lick the salt rock that I hung on their hut. Ollie and the chickens don’t seem to mind it at all, they are usually out scavenging in any type of weather conditions..

I know the animals are just as over this odd winter as I am! I have been anticipating getting a start on my garden beds, planting those seedlings and adding a few more areas of gardening grounds, that I decided over this “winter” to put in.
In the meantime I have stayed busy with starting my own sourdough starter (I will do another blog with instructions soon) that I fully intend to keep going for years, to bake many of fresh homemade sourdough breads to eat and share with others! I have also started to make Kefir (I plan on doing a blog post on this as well) and a ginger bug to make ginger ale with. So as you can tell I have tried to use this down time the best I can with lots of reading and learning new things.

Ollie hoping to get a treat

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