Got Goat

These two are always playing around

In fall of, 2018 I was in the process of trying to transition from SLC, Utah to Bear Lake Idaho to start my dreams of owning my very own family farm/ranch with my daughters.

At the time my twins (age 21) were living in Salt Lake and my youngest (17 yrs) was living in Bear Lake.

I had been considering getting some goats but it wasn’t in the immediate outlook of my future.. or so I thought. At the time, I was traveling every week between Utah and Idaho for work and to spend time with my two other daughters. All the traveling and trying to keep two house holds going felt like enough on my plate for the moment.

But the universe decided otherwise…

Out of the blue a friend asked me if I wanted to adopt her miniature male fainting goat named Timber.

And a few months later a woman I had met only once asked if I could take a 2 day old boar that my daughter later named Oliver…We call him Ollie.

Ollie at 2 days old. how could I say no??

During, the winter of 2019 I had to make the hard choice to move back to Utah. I had to pack up my youngest and the two goats back to SLC. My daughter wanted to attend college and to be honest all the traveling back and forth each week was starting to wear me down. Even more so I missed not seeing my twins as often as I was use too. My children and I have always been very close, we talk everyday, so it was hard to be away so much.

So then moving back to the big city I felt I had to leave my dreams of farmland behind. Until I realized I could make my own little redneck backyard farm in SLC. Till the day comes I can make the full leap to land with my daughters, and the timing will be just a little better this is my new haven.

I now keep Timber and Ollie in my backyard sectioned off from the rest of the yard, they have roughly 30×40 square feet of space.

They get a cup of oats in the morning and again at night, there is also hay that’s available at all times. Plus, they love to eat almost all of the scraps that we toss into the compost been each day.

They as well keep the ground under my plum, apple and pear trees cleaned. We hardly have wasted fruit anymore. I had to put chicken wire around the trunks of the trees so they wouldn’t eat the bark off them -They killed one of my apple trees in the spring.

The chickens and goats live together, I don’t think I will have it any other way when I eventually move to more land!

It has been so amusing having them in my backyard. They are happy goats and don’t often make much noise unless they are hungry, or need some more attention. I’m very particular about keeping everything clean. I even water the ground a couple times a week to keep the smell and bugs down and the chickens love to chase the water lines.

In conclusion, my daughters and I have gotten a kick out of the goats over the last year and a half and we are excided for the future with more possibility’s of adding more. We look forward to growing with them, it has been an exciting ride so far, its one step closer to fulfilling my life dream. Its been a heart warming experience.


  1. I think the goats are awesome! Can’t wait to see what else you do

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