First time Chicken owner

The first 6 amigos

I had always wanted chickens but never went for it due to not knowing where to start or how to even care for them. I wanted them for of course the fresh eggs, and to regulate what they ate and by all means caring for them in a holistically humane way. Knowing they were happy birds, and feeling a sense of accomplishment being able to feed my daughters nutrient dense foods even in the smallest of ways would fill my heart with joy.

After I made the solid decision to just DO IT…I had a heckofa time finding baby chicks, maybe because the time of year? or maybe because a lot of others decided to raise chickens due to the events of 2020? Everywhere I called, even the local stores I went to were out of them. Along with the supplies to raise them. After, about a month of searching I finally landed 6 in April, and went back 3 weeks later to grab 3 more for a total of 9. In my area we are only allowed 5… but I figured if I keep everything clean and nice no body would notice or care. I just want to be able to give or sell any extras to others who wanted local fresh organic eggs.

This is the waterer I use . And the feeder I use for now.

I kept them in a large plastic bin with a heat lamp in the garage when they were to small and delicate to be outside. When they were about a month old I started putting them outside to make sure they got plenty of fresh air and sunlight during the day and brought them back in at night.

I lost 3 baby chicks with in 3 weeks. 2 due to my good ol’ dog Brodie.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you

And the other was one of my most favorites a little grey Silkie, she disappeared into thin air. We believe a magpie took off with her she was tiny compared to the other chicks.

She’s so fluffy!

Lessons learned. Keep watch and put up deters for bigger birds while the chickens are still small and can not defend themselves. I have learned as the chickens get bigger they chase off birds that land in their area. They get territorial. And keep older dogs at bay until you know they won’t kill your feathered babies!

I never knew I would so love and enjoy having chickens like I have!

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