The original Goat shack

I had moved back to SLC just before winter hit December 2019.

I had no structure set up for the goats, so we had to work quick before the first snow storm hit.

My son in-law made a temporary make shift shelter and we covered it with a large tarp to help keep the inside dry.

These two are always playing

I put a bale of straw in for their bedding and to help keep them warm.

It made do for the time being and got them through the winter. They stayed inside it a lot, and only came out when it was warmer and to eat. I kept a large hay bale on the side of the shack under the tarp on the outside so they could go in and eat when they wanted and to keep the hay dry.

This fall we had a little more time to get something up. I love to reuse, recycle and repurpose whatever we can plus Its fun to get creative!

So my son in-law built a cute little goat house out of some old pallets up against the fence.

I wanted it tall enough so I could walk in and rake it out for easy cleaning. and in view from my kitchen window so I could keep watch on them from inside the house.

I love the rustic look to it.

I love to add little homie elements to everything so I made a sign from some scrap wood to hang on the front.

I also added a motion solar powered light to the entry of it,

so if there is any movement at night I can see what’s going on.

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