Feeling Thankful in the Tiny Moments

This morning, I went out back as usual to feed the animals. I had brought my morning coffee with me I decided to be still and just watch all of the animals go about their mornings, Ollie and Timber were as usual headbutting each other. The chickens all running around foraging for their morning findings. When one would find a special treat the others chased after her to try and get a taste. while the bunnies sat munching on their morning carrot..

I had noticed some little birds eating my sunflower three of them switching off for a turn. As I sat watching them it was in that moment while listening to all the sounds of the early morning awakenings of everything from the animals my neighbors. Then the sun shining its warmth through the cool morning air, that I had an overwhelming feeling of such gratitude and appreciation for everything among us.

Its unbelieve how far I have accomplished thus far and where I know I want to go. I was filled with such Gratitude to our big Mamma for all she provides us with each and every single day. To God for giving us strength, courage and bringing each of us exactly what we need in divine timing. For all his answered prayers and unanswered prayers. How everything inner connected and how so very precious…(and at hard times) and beautiful life really is.

I had to capture these images to remind me of this beautiful moment that felt like everything paused for just a split second.

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