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In fall of, 2018 I was in the process of trying to transition from SLC, Utah to Bear Lake Idaho to start my dreams of owning my very own family farm/ranch with my daughters. At the time my twins (age 21) were living in Salt Lake and my youngest (17Continue Reading

I had always wanted chickens but never went for it due to not knowing where to start or how to even care for them. I wanted them for of course the fresh eggs, and to regulate what they ate and by all means caring for them in a holistically humaneContinue Reading

One of the reasons I was inspired into beekeeping was obviously to harvest a little honey each year for my family. Even tho I am allergic and terrified of bees, it was something I wanted to do with my son as a fun hobby together. In the spring, of 2015Continue Reading


Welcome to my very first entry on my blog. I started this blog to document my lessons and tribulations of starting my own little faux farm in my back yard in the middle of suburbia. I have always wanted to buy a decent piece of land and have my ownContinue Reading