In to mischief…Ollie has been like a teenager with an attitude the last few months! He’s getting into anything and everything he can possibly come up with! A few months ago I had broke the lock on the chicken coop so I’ve been using a wood pallet to hold theContinue Reading

It’s been a bit since I have sat down and worked on my blog! partly lack of inspiration and partly busy with the animals, holidays and work.I prepped the animal housing, garden beds and bees at the end of October thinking it would be only a matter of days beforeContinue Reading

In 2019 I had been living both in Salt Lake City and Bear Lake ID traveling each week between work and building my a dream of owning land. I had a fainting dwarf goat that I had adopted a few months earlier from a friend in SLC, When a womanContinue Reading

I had gone on a girls weekend trip to run a half marathon in Yosemite national park. We flew into San Francisco and then drove to Yosemite While in San Francisco we did some exploring in the town. We stopped to have breakfast in this cute little place called Zazie’s.Continue Reading

I remember as a young child around the age of three my mother always baking chocolate chip cookies with my little sister and brother, it always felt so special when in the kitchen with my mom. That might be why I have always loved baking and trying new recipes. ThisContinue Reading

I had moved back to SLC just before winter hit December 2019. I had no structure set up for the goats, so we had to work quick before the first snow storm hit. My son in-law made a temporary make shift shelter and we covered it with a large tarpContinue Reading

In the beginning, deciding what we wanted our feathered babies to live in, was a little bit of a struggle. We were on a race to get something in place because they were out growing the bin we were keeping them in at night… plus the garage was starting toContinue Reading