About Me

This part is always the hardest for me to write and narrow down in a few short sentences. First, and foremost I am a mother to four kids who have been my main motivation for an overall improved quality of life. I left my marriage of 20 years in 2012 and decided I was going to make a better life for my children and I.

We started with a small garden in the corner of the back yard. I dug up some grass and planted a few seeds with virtually no knowledge of gardening. The first couple years, were not super successful. We did learn a lot of things, especially the importance in the quality of soil that you use. And how important it was for the health of your produce.

The third year I had my brother help me build two raised garden boxes that I placed better soil in. I also invested in our first beehive shortly after.

That year we grew about a million zucchinis and tomatoes– eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks! We were zucchinnied out! But we were pretty happy with the how well the garden did.. I am also certain the bees helped with the success of it too!

That fall of 2015 I lost my oldest child and only son. He was just 21 years old. He not only was my son but my buddy. It felt as if I was living 3 feet under, all while still working, being a full time momma to my 3 daughters and caregiver to my dear grandmother (who has also always been my inspiration).

Jalen sitting next to our overflowing garden of zucchinis

She would often say, “We have two choices everyday”. I think upon those words a lot. Jalen was my helper in so many of my random projects. We worked on the yard, went fishing and did several runs together. It has taken me a couple years but I have pulled myself back up; and re-started on all these things I was doing before hand with my children.

I aspire to own more land to build a family farm/ranch and naming it in honor of my son Jalen, and to one day leave it behind for my daughters.

So in this blog I want to share my story tied up in my journey of creating a sustainable homestead right where I’m at in the middle of suburbia, on less than .16 of an acre. To not wait for the perfect time or more space, but to just start right where I am at and to share with others who aspire to be self sustaining at well. I want to Include my lessons, trials and successes along the way and plan for the day that I am able to take the plunge onto a bigger plot of land in the country.

I love learning and experimenting with everything homesteading, from growing my own foods, fermenting, scratch baking goods, canning, learning about regenerative gardening, to reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can. I have utilized every inch of my home and yard with each area having a purpose.

I am a photographer by heart, I work part time photographing MMA events and designing promotional material. I have photographed nature and animals in their natural habitat, I enjoy hiking, fishing, horseback riding and pretty much any other activity outdoors, I love to chase the sun and dont mind sleeping under the stars! I also enjoy animals, I currently have 2 goats Ollie (boer goat) and Timber (fainting dwarf goat), 7 chickens, 4 bunnies, a little ol jack russell Brodie, a couple thousand bees and dream of the day I am able to adopt my own horses!

So please come along and join me as I learn more on the ins and outs of homesteading, teaching my daughters and becoming as self sustainable as possible! I promise to share it all the good, bad and the ugly. In hopes to inspire others to start right where they are at no matter their space or place in life!

August 2015 The last image taken with my 4 kids and I together in one frame. I will cherish this image always.

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